Awhile ago Zach made a joke about how I should keep smoking stoges bc it will kill the bacteria that was causing strep…. And I know that’s so wrong, but like right now, I just like to pretend it works. :)

  • The Fool: Something you've always wanted to try
  • The Magician: Something you're very good at
  • The High Priestess: One thing you wish you knew
  • The Empress: A woman you really admire
  • The Emperor: A man you really admire
  • The Hierophant: Something you believe in
  • The Lovers: A person who makes you very happy
  • The Chariot: A prize or award you've won
  • Strength: Something you struggle with
  • The Hermit: Favourite way to spend a day alone
  • The Wheel Of Fortune: Something you wish you could change
  • Justice: A decision you wish you could do over
  • The Hanged Man: A time when you wished someone would listen to you
  • Death: Someone you really miss
  • Temperance: Your ideal day
  • The Devil: Who you talk to when you're dealing with big issues
  • The Tower: Something that changed your life
  • The Star: Someone you consider perfect
  • The Moon: Something you fear
  • The Sun: Your happiest memory
  • Judgement: Your favourite song(s)
  • The World: Your dream job


everyone who likes coconut water is lying

Ok thank you

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My tv decided to stop working half way through pll like hahah ok?? *sweats nervously*

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The chill is real.
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Turtle comin in quick

Ever since my mom started watching the sopranos she thinks she’s bad as fuck. She keeps saying fuck and she never says that and she just came home with wine bc she’s had a long day and she doesn’t really drink…. Mom.